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Friday, October 21, 2005

Another TGIF

Hey there,
Well a whole week went by and here is friday again!! This week wasn't too bad. My cold is getting better. I enjoyed the Channel 6 "6 Who Care" awards this week. It was funny to see all the tv personalities there. Some of them looked much different in person. Sharon Rose is real tiny...and is better looking in person. Jennifer Rookes is nice looking along with Cindy Williams ( a little to into herself though). All in all it was a good time and it's amazing to see how much some people will give of themselves to others for nothing in return. Oh I have to mention that this morning was the first time this season that I had to pre-warm the cars to get the frost off. It's that time of year.....yahooooooooooo not. Well I've got only one hour until the friday whistle is blown so I must go. Thanks for reading and Happy Weekend!!

Friday, October 14, 2005


Hey thank god its friday. I believe I've been struck by the annual fall sickness that goes around. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat......oh ya....what fun!! I saw the Gov yesterday. I listen to him ramble on about how great the economy of Maine is now compared to when he took office. I know thousands of people who would disagree with him.....esp in the populations that need the most help like, mental illness, children, and the elderly. It's going to be a long cold winter for all of us, but especially those groups. I really though Gov Baldacci was going to make some positive changes for Maine. He always seemed like a regular person to me....down home....someone who you may call your neighbor....someone who understood what us "real people" face all the time. I was so wrong. Yes, I voted for him, but I am dissapointed in his work. Esp the time and effort he put into shutting down the casino idea or should I say.....Resort idea. That's what it was really....a concept that we could create a huge resort with eating facilities, spas, golf courses, and of course....a help generate some much needed income and financial resources for this poor state. He did'nt like it. It didn't pass. For that reason alone, he will not get my vote for a next term. Well, it looks like fall is really here. On a brighter note...the leaves are turning beautifull. If you've never seen fall foliage......put it on your lifes to-do list. It is truley amazing. You can go to to find links to pics of maine fall foliage too, but to be there, smell it, feel beyond pics. Well, gotta run and help save people.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Back Again

Hey there,
Well, I'm actually going to write some more in the blog. What a rained out weekend it was around here. Didn't do much....just relaxed around the house..gave the dog a bath and that's about it. I did happen to notice the devistating earth quakes on tv. How horrible. I thought Jay Lenno's comment last night was funny....he said.....Did you see the bad earthquakes in Pakistan? Ya well apparently they are now getting food and water for aid to help so thats good and it didn't take long for the aid to get there either....ya apparently Pakistan is much closer to the U.S. than New Orleans! Made me laugh. Thats something that I think we don't do enough of. Laugh a little. When you turn on the tv you can find a million reasons to be upset, sad, mad, or even envious. Don't be. Tune that stuff out once in a while. Its ok to feel bad for people that are in difficult times but you don't have to let it rule your life. Seeing little bits of it even daily can change you as a person over time. It really can. Have you ever noticed that some very old people get know the saying...."old crab apple". This is because they have been filled with all this bad stuff through their lives and it got to them. We only go around once on this earth. Live each day as though it was your last. Really think about that. If this was your last day on earth, what would be the important things for you to do. DO SOME OF THEM NOW!!!! Why Not? What is stopping you?? Its a free country and you have it within your power to make the day what it is going to be. OK, guess I should get off my soap box for a bit. Well the leaves are changing fast here and man are they beautiful. Listen, if you live in an area that has fall foliage....just take 5 mins of your time to look at it and be thankful of everything you have in your life. IF you don't live in an area with fall foliage then go online and google fall foliage pics. I'm sure you'll get to see some. Or, you can just take a little trip to Maine to see for yourself. This is the way I recommend.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Opening Statement

Hello All,
Thanks for visiting my Blog. Yes, I'm a Maine guy that is interested in what the good old state of Maine is doing. I do however enjoy some relaxing weekends just kicking back on my patio enjoying gods creatures. Maine is a great state overall. I've lived in a few so I do have some to compare too. Maine does have some flaws though. First off, we are very stuborn people who do not like change. If you try to get something passed through the better be ready to try more than once....or even three times. Maine people in general especially do not like growth.....except for tree growth. If it means more people, places, and things will happen, most mainers don't want it! I have to chuckle at some of us. We'll shoot down an idea for a resort casino in a flash because "slot machines are bad", but were ok with the lottery commision creating new 20 dollar scratch tickets for us to waste our money on. We then, complain about our high tax burden and how everything is so expensive up here and nobody has any jobs.......HELLO.....we can't have new jobs if we don't create them!! Of course a manager working in a casino making 35k a year is not the "right kind of job". I've heard that argument too many times........"it's not the right kind of jobs"'s the "low-paying jobs".........HELLO......we all have to start somewhere! I think thats enough of my ranting for the opening statement.....feel free to remark...give insite....or call me plum crazy!