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Friday, October 21, 2005

Another TGIF

Hey there,
Well a whole week went by and here is friday again!! This week wasn't too bad. My cold is getting better. I enjoyed the Channel 6 "6 Who Care" awards this week. It was funny to see all the tv personalities there. Some of them looked much different in person. Sharon Rose is real tiny...and is better looking in person. Jennifer Rookes is nice looking along with Cindy Williams ( a little to into herself though). All in all it was a good time and it's amazing to see how much some people will give of themselves to others for nothing in return. Oh I have to mention that this morning was the first time this season that I had to pre-warm the cars to get the frost off. It's that time of year.....yahooooooooooo not. Well I've got only one hour until the friday whistle is blown so I must go. Thanks for reading and Happy Weekend!!


At 4:04 PM, Blogger mainahh said...

I'm just curious but, what made you think that Cindy Williams was into herself?


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