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Friday, October 07, 2005

Opening Statement

Hello All,
Thanks for visiting my Blog. Yes, I'm a Maine guy that is interested in what the good old state of Maine is doing. I do however enjoy some relaxing weekends just kicking back on my patio enjoying gods creatures. Maine is a great state overall. I've lived in a few so I do have some to compare too. Maine does have some flaws though. First off, we are very stuborn people who do not like change. If you try to get something passed through the better be ready to try more than once....or even three times. Maine people in general especially do not like growth.....except for tree growth. If it means more people, places, and things will happen, most mainers don't want it! I have to chuckle at some of us. We'll shoot down an idea for a resort casino in a flash because "slot machines are bad", but were ok with the lottery commision creating new 20 dollar scratch tickets for us to waste our money on. We then, complain about our high tax burden and how everything is so expensive up here and nobody has any jobs.......HELLO.....we can't have new jobs if we don't create them!! Of course a manager working in a casino making 35k a year is not the "right kind of job". I've heard that argument too many times........"it's not the right kind of jobs"'s the "low-paying jobs".........HELLO......we all have to start somewhere! I think thats enough of my ranting for the opening statement.....feel free to remark...give insite....or call me plum crazy!


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