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Friday, October 14, 2005


Hey thank god its friday. I believe I've been struck by the annual fall sickness that goes around. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat......oh ya....what fun!! I saw the Gov yesterday. I listen to him ramble on about how great the economy of Maine is now compared to when he took office. I know thousands of people who would disagree with him.....esp in the populations that need the most help like, mental illness, children, and the elderly. It's going to be a long cold winter for all of us, but especially those groups. I really though Gov Baldacci was going to make some positive changes for Maine. He always seemed like a regular person to me....down home....someone who you may call your neighbor....someone who understood what us "real people" face all the time. I was so wrong. Yes, I voted for him, but I am dissapointed in his work. Esp the time and effort he put into shutting down the casino idea or should I say.....Resort idea. That's what it was really....a concept that we could create a huge resort with eating facilities, spas, golf courses, and of course....a help generate some much needed income and financial resources for this poor state. He did'nt like it. It didn't pass. For that reason alone, he will not get my vote for a next term. Well, it looks like fall is really here. On a brighter note...the leaves are turning beautifull. If you've never seen fall foliage......put it on your lifes to-do list. It is truley amazing. You can go to to find links to pics of maine fall foliage too, but to be there, smell it, feel beyond pics. Well, gotta run and help save people.


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